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Comments from previous pupils

A kobarli

John is amazing, professional, punctual, patient and friendly instructor .I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to pass the test quickly and become good driver .Good luck anyone and thanks again John for your help

Sharon Day
Passed 1st Time

was nervous when I first started my lesson, John is a very patient and kind instructor,he made me feel at ease. When I asked him questions he was very thorough and reassured me when driving. I would definitely recommend him. Would like to thank him for helping me pass my test.

Nichola Bason

Passed 2nd time in an automatic vehicle. I decided to drive an automatic as I wanted a little less pressure and I was not very confident to begin. I am so pleased I have learnt with John. He was the most patient instructor I have known. I had some previous experience with another instructor, but did not really get on and they were not very reliable. John is a kind, and calm man. I really looked forward to my lessons on a Sunday. He was firm, when I made mistakes but had a nice manner and a good sense of humour. Highly recommended!!!

Lynn Prendergast
Passed 1st Time

I was very anxious about learning to drive and had put it off for far too long, but circumstances meant that I needed to. I can remember my first lesson with you, when I gripped the wheel so hard and had neck ache from the tension! I was so nervous. You were very friendly, patient and kind and helped to build up my confidence. I never felt that you were being critical of me, even when I made mistakes. I never thought that I would pass first time but, thanks to you, I did! I have already said to an indecisive friend, “I highly recommend John Butler, he is an excellent instructor and will get you through”. I would not hesitate to recommend you to someone who is considering taking lessons. If you can teach me to drive, you can teach anyone! Thank you so much for giving me a new lease of life at the age of 60! I no longer have to rely on anyone else and it’s a great feeling.

Delyth Pendlebury
Passed 1st Time

I want to say a big thank you for teaching me to drive, and of course getting me through my test first time! A year ago I was petrified at the thought of driving, now I can´t believe it took me so long to learn (I am 31). Your patient and calm manner helped put me at ease right from the start, I was so nervous at the thought being in control of a car, let alone driving around, I certainly wasn´t expecting to drive in my first lesson! I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to learn, your relaxed manner of teaching would put the most nervous learner at ease straight away. You were always on time for a lesson, I was never let down either. All in all a great instructor!

Fiona Carnegie
Passed 1st Time

Just wanted to sincerely thank you. You made learning to drive enjoyable and stress free, even though I was so full of nerves you put me straight at ease. You´re techniques are second to none, and your friendly, relaxed approach made learning easy and gave me the confidence I needed. I do hope you´re still in the business when my daughter starts learning, I´ll certainly be recommending you to anyone who needs an instructor. Thank you for giving my girls and I a new lease of life.

Loren Martin.
Passed 1st Time

Thanks John for getting Loren through her test 1st. time, your a great instructor,was worth every penny,will certainly recomend you,thanks again. Sally-ann.

Joanne Lawlor's parents
Passed 1st Time

HI John We would like to add our thanks to you for giving our daughter her driving licence. From day one with John, Joanne knew she had made the best choice in going with John. John has made her dreams come true and has opened up so many windows for her. She found John to be a very professional, reliable and friendly instructor, especially as she was a nervous driver. Joanne had tried other driving schools but none of them gave her the confidence to believe she could do it and she started to think she would never pass her test. However, when Joanne started learning with John the lessons were tailored to suit her needs and she quickly gained confidence behind the wheel. She also learnt how to do manoeuvres easily and how to drive positively on the road. John gave good advice and feedback at the end of each lesson which really helped and Joanne soon felt ready to try for her test It was such a fantastic feeling when she passed for both Joanne and us, so, what are you waiting for , give John a go, it will be the best call you made today. Thank you from Joannes Mum and Dad Debbie& John

Joanne Lawlor
Passed 1st Time

Thank you for being my driving instructor firstly. John is a great instructor. I found him much easier to talk to and get on with than previous instructors and he is always calm which helped with calming my nerves. I felt at ease when learning with John and I didn't feel under pressure. If I didn't get something straight away I didn't feel as if I had to rush to get it right. I was able to take it at a pace that I was learning at and I would definitely recommend John as a driving instructor! Joanne Lawlor

Passed 1st Time

Many thanks John for getting me through my test 1st. time.I will certainly reccomend you to all of my friends.You are an 1st.class instructor,very patient,always on time and very approachable person again many thanks.

Carrie-ann rugby
Passed 1st Time

Cheers John for getting me through my test1ST. TIME TOO,I am over the moon.Deff recomend you.Thanks for beeing a 1st. class instructor.

craig rugby
Passed 1st Time

Many thanks John for helping me pass 1st. time.I will certainly reccomend you,again,many thanks.

celia daventry.
Passed 1st Time

many thanks john for helping me pass 1st time.I would certainly recomend your driving school.

Jenny - Daventry
Passed 1st Time

I started learning to drive in my mid-thirties and chose John Butler to teach my on a friend's recommendation. I passed my test first time with him due to his many years of teaching people to drive. He was always well mannered, never shouted if I did something wrong but quietly and professionally pointed out by mistakes. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Many thanks John for helping me to pass 1st time and changing my life.

Sara - Rugby

I learned to drive with John in his automatic car. John built up my confidence and belief in myself. John is a well mannered polite person, and myself being women, I always felt comfortable driving with him. He has loads of patience yet makes it a point to point out driving errors where necessary. John is punctual. I would recommend John to anyone who wants to learn automatic car driving.

Nicky - Daventry
Passed 1st Time

I had 30 lessons with John Butler and found him to be a really good instructor. He was very patient, punctual and his approach was very professional. I passed my test the first time round and would highly recommend him to anyone who is really focused to pass their test first time round. Many thanks John

rachel rugby.
Passed 1st Time

Thanks so much john for helping me pass 1st. time.I can fully recomend you for your profesonal,patient and relaxed way of teaching,again thank you.

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